Review of Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a Survival game introducing Survival Mode, Creative Mode and Challenge Mode in that it is just an overall great game where that sandbox and block building type of construction really ties together with the mechanical parts to make perfect fits and machines

On the other words, Scrap Mechanic is a sand box or an open world builder game that allows you to be an engineer or an architect, with your own transforming buildings and vehicles that you can fly and drive

Survival mode introduces a whole new mode to Scrap Mechanic, where you’re a robot maintenance mechanic on a mission to a fully-automated farm planet.

By sheer luck, you survive your spaceship crashing just before touchdown, but The Farmbots, originally programmed to harvest the land and send the produce to nearby planets, have gone haywire and are out to stomp you flat

Stranded on a planet full of rampaging robots, you and your friends have to use your wits, your imagination and wily knack of turning your surroundings to your advantage to stay alive

As said earlier, there are 3 modes in this game and they are specifically described here in the following paragraphs

1. Survival Mode
In Survival Mode mechanics explore a dynamically generated open-world environment filled with enemies, treasure and dangerous robots!

Team up with friends and build bases to protect yourself and your valuables.

2. Challenge Mode
Put your imagination to the test in the Master Mechanic Trials, an amazing roster of 40 fun and testing challenges which every wannabe mechanic should master before embarking on the wide-open world.

3. Creative Mode
Choose from over 400+ building parts and create a transforming vehicle, a walking house or anything you and your friends can imagine
Scrap Mechanic mod support offers an easy way to download over 1000+ new player made building parts for your creations!

This game is great, building machines, buildings and other stuff definitely makes it good fun to play around with.
And this game is good at those who has these statements
– Are creatively minded
– Can easily troubleshoot problems
– Know how different machines work
So if you are not in those categories, or your brain doesn’t work that way, because you would be flailing around for an hour doing nothing.

Scrap Mechanic is an interesting game for multiplayer where you can build what you want and how you want.
It has good graphics, nice music and the player has the ability to create a large number of different mechanisms.

Graphics and Music:
The art is incredibly well done.
The landscape is covered with a realistic style of comic book trees, rocks, and farm equipment.
Music is not only upbeat, but a radio is provided and can be attached to creations on the go. But, there is no water anywhere.
This would be a feature that would be highly desired, as it would allow for design of boats.
In the current early access state, the graphics run a bit slow.
The lag is real especially on low-end machines.
This is a factor that needs more work, and from what the devs are saying in the forum and frequent dev blogs, it is a priority.
They’ve doubled their team size this month, and while they are still adding new features constantly, they are also busy improving existing features in the program.
I’ve noticed the game runs faster on my pc already in just the couple of weeks I’ve been playing.
Other early access games I’ve played started out with similar lag, but were soon running with ease for me.

The survival mode story has you playing the role of a robot maintenance mechanic in space. You crash land on your first assignment on an agricultural planet where you are supposed to keep the ag-bots in working order.
But, you find the place deserted and a couple of old vehicles that you can commandeer as is, or salvage for scrap parts for your own creations.
This game offers hours of your creativity being in use.
Building your first creation is really straight forward, and things to build with are easy to access too.
And just in case you get lost, you have a guide to use in game.
What I like about it is that it is an actual item in the game, a book that you can open and get help from.
It’s just somewhat less boring to look at it like this rather than pressing a functional key to open a guide.
Sometimes the things get a bit buggys, but that’s just how it is with developing games
This should provide more options for those players like me who have a hard time getting started with their first build.
However, the current build has you playing in creative mode only.
You can choose the terrain map, which has rolling hills and steep valleys.
There seems to be no combat in the game at all at the moment.
The character takes no fall damage, and is not affected by hunger.
Sunshine and noon are static for the time being.
It may be a survival mode that will include dynamic weather, and a day and night cycle, as well as other needs.
I also hope vehicular combat will be an option.
You are able to invite friends into your game with ease.
You can go into the flat sandbox, set limits on the number of parts each player is allowed to use on their vehicle, and host a design competition with friends.
This provides infinite options for hours of mp fun, as well as the ability to design your own world and even race tracks.

The game is very optimized so if you don’t have a good graphics card or no graphics card at all it will run pretty well.
The game its self is very fun to not only screw around with explosives in but, you can make any creation you desire.
Creative, fun, and highly playable as it is
Wide array of simple usable parts to build almost anything you can imagine
Flight, Mechanics, & Construction
Encourages trial & error
Suitable for all ages even adult engineer types
High replay value

Lag majorly improved, almost no lag at all now
The only downsides are that multiplayer can be a bit laggy at times
No water, and limited map size in early access
No day/night cycle yet, creative mode only in current build
No combat yet
The updates that scrap mechanic are put out with very long intervals or it can take a long time, though updates are very descriptive and add loads to your gameplay.
The bugs in scrap mechanic are still there, in that the bugs that you can get in game can be very hard to understand and fix.
If you do run into a bug it may cause your world to crash or make you have to reinstall the game.

Scrap Mechanic is a really fun game with some bad things and some good things
Scrap Mechanic is a creative sandbox by Axolot Games, that offers different items or blocks into the game with easy access to many easy blocks, parts and contraptions.
Scrap mechanic has mod support and downloadable workshop items created from the community.
I agree that its a great game


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