Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord or MB 2 is the eagerly awaited sequel to the acclaimed medieval combat simulator and role-playing game Mount & Blade: Warband.

Review of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord 

There are now 3 main Multiplayer modes
Skirmish 6v6 is like battle and conquest together
Captain 6v6 allows every player to command a small band of troops
Siege is the good ol’ siege we all know and love, polished with siege weapons and some new mechanics.

There is also a Team Deathmatch mode which is more like a playground to prepare you for the real modes above.

Now, the way the combat works is almost the same as in Warband with some minor changes like a shield bash move, a crouch move and chain attacks and I feel like it is what we should expect, even though I hear complaints about it being clunky and unreliable.

I personally enjoy it as I did in Warband and I’d say it is highly dependent on skill and experience
I believe it’s hard to learn and to master, but once you do, it offers you a very fun and challenging experience

On the other side, M&B 2 Bannerlord is brilliant and it surpasses its predecessor in almost any manner you could care to mention.
It’s also really far from being finished.

I’ve spend entire days messing with it, and I enjoyed my time with it However, I wasn’t ever really doing anything I hadn’t already done in Warband apart from commanding troops with some tactical understanding beyond charge, which is very welcome

All the core mechanics are great like fun combat, party building, basic castle management.

But the majority of “decorations” and progression on the core mechanics are either broken or not implemented.
– Multipler Player progression
– Skill/Ability Player perks
It is probably 60%+ are not implemented, or are poorly balanced.
Tactics perk to pre-deploy your troops in battle does not work at all
– A lot of actions don’t increase skill points such as collecting gold tolls don’t increase your Rogue skill.
– Some skills have poorly balanced progresison. ie, trying to upgrade your Tactics skill takes over 1000+ battles.
Where as progressing with two-handers may only take 100+ battles.

The UI is being worked on, but there are glaring improvements in all aspects of menu navigation from Warband.
Cities, castles and fiefs now have a stylized and more aesthetically pleasing menu card, and notables have portraits at the top of the menu which allow you to teleport straight to them to eliminate manhunting important people to talk to.
Troop recruitment is also much more visual and allows you to select specific units, how many units you are buying, displays your current party size

Fief and city management is much more hands on, as there is plenty to build and improve within them.

The management is accompanied by UI elements that help you visualize what you are building and will allow you to mouse over them to reveal what exactly each building does.

Siege oriented buildings add depth to castle and city defense, allowing you higher garrisons, more militia, and increased siege build speed.

It is fully dynamic world economy with shifting supply and demand that responds directly to not only your trade

Anyway, the AI’s as well as becoming a medieval capitalist has never been more engaging and rewarding.

Flooding a city or region with a certain good will affect it’s demand, supply lines can be cut if peasants are intercepted while dropping goods off in cities, caravans can be plundered en route to their destination

And, sieges can block cities from receiving goods; all of which potentially affecting your workshop, caravan and city revenue

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