Review of Squad Steam Game

Squad can be said as a tactical FPS or first person shooter game offering authentic combat experiences through teamwork, communication, and gameplay.
It seeks to bridge the large gap between arcade shooter and military simulation.
It features large open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience with split-second decision-making in real-world scale firefights, large scale, combined arms combat, base building, and a great integrated VoIP system.

Squad is without a doubt, the most authentic and “real” experience you will have on any military first person shooter out right now
Squad encourages two things, communication and teamwork.
This game has hands-down, the best communication system ever implemented for a tactical shooter.
Local comms is Proximity voice, as in able to hear people like they are standing next to you or yelling from afar.
Squad comms is Able to communicate with your squad (up to 9 people) complete with radio beeps and filter to make it feel all that more authentic.
Command comms is Able to communicate with all squad leads at once through a command channel OR use your number-pad to selectively talk to a specific squad lead depending on their squad number.

The command map is another communication mechanic, enabling squad members and leaders to at a glance determine location of specific members, see marks made by other SLs that communicate certain things such as troop movement, enemy vehicle locations, and enemy FOBs.
Squad can be an amazing experience for it’s players.
There is nothing that can really be done about that, but people will ruin the experience for you, if you let them.
Learn how to play the game correctly where you have to put time in multiple roles to understand how they are and should be played.
People who take Squad Lead for example, right when they get the game, are the ones who ruin it for the rest as most don’t know what they are doing or should even be doing with a squad of 9 people.

There are many roles you can take and start playing with right away without having too much knowledge.
Squad has many roles to fill when playing and each one is critical to the team depending on circumstances throughout the round played. Some roles to note:
1. Squad leader
Manage and lead up to 9 man squads, either defending objectives, attaching active objectives, or establishing yourself as a support/flank squad.
The role can be very “sandboxy” in that you can choose what your squad is going to do and based on the feedback of the rest of the team, determine if that is the right play or if you should switch it up.
As a Squad Leader you can issue orders, split up your squad into Fireteams, set rallies to have your squad respawn on that location and assist in building Forward Operating Bases FOBs for use in attacking or defending objectives.

2. Medic
Revive and heal faster than anyone else on the field.
While regular soldiers can revive each other through the bandages, Medics are the fastest role at reviving and is the only role that can restore stamina to a heavily wounded squad/team mate.

Light/Heavy Anti-Tank is a crucial role in most cases, enabling you to heavily damage vehicles that the squad could not otherwise deal with without their own vehicle or anti-tank emplacement.
Role requires some practice to get really good with hitting vehicles from afar with rockets but can be rewarding with the right kind of hits.

4. Light/Heavy MG
Machinegunners also hold a critical role in the squad as being one of the only roles that can suppress the enemy at range.
Suppression can be used to allow your squad to move or flank in a direction while you lay down that suppressing fire.
Careful you don’t fire for too long though as tracers are extremely noticeable and it won’t be long for someone to track you down and start suppressing your location as well.

5. Rifleman
The meat and potatoes of any good squad, Rifleman are going to be your grunts on the ground, having limited ACOG sight options as well as reddot and iron sight variants available.
Different strokes for different folks will enable your squad’s rifleman to meet all challenges, from long range engagements to CQC.

6. Marksman
The marksman can be used for scouting, recon, and long range takedowns with their DMRs.

It’s important to note that these are not “Snipers” they are meant to move with the squad and provide long range support when needed.
This is not a lone-wolf, hide in the hills 800 meters role and if you play it like that, expect to be kicked from your squad pretty quickly.

You can choose the variety of guns depends largely on the team you play on.
American forces have mostly M4 and M4A1s with a few roles being able to take Machineguns 249 and 240B and a Marksman kit M110.
Insurgents and Militia have a variety of AK variants from standard assault rifles to more less known carbine variants and older SKS rifles.
Russians get the iconic AK74 Black model AKs with scopes and sights that match the same capabilities of the US forces red dots and ACOGs.
Brits have been introduced as the most recent addition to the forces, adding the L85A2 and L86 LSW weapons to the fray.
There is a marksman rifle and also the L110A2 LMG in that M249 like weapon.

Gunplay feels good, guns feel real and recoil similar to their real-life counter parts
Hitting targets long range requires skill and precision
There is no wind to take into consideration, but there is bullet drop and suppression also affects how accurate you are so if you are taking fire, making an accurate shot can be difficult.

You can drive an M1A2 Abrams tank, or the gunner of a Stryker APC, or the command seat of a BTR 30 mm.
Technicals dot the maps when played by Insurgent/Militia, BTRs and MTLB Russian APC’s can be heard rumbling through the hills of Mestia and Yehorivkah.
Groups of Strykers coordinate wolf packs as there is strength in numbers.
You must pre-plan using a vehicle usually in matches as well, having your team agree that you will be the one taking an APC or tank out of the main base.

On the other side, this game is like the most intense milsim games when playing as a machine gunner in one of the sessions and the experience it was outstanding as we were carefully moving through the streets of a bombed city, going house to house, door to door.
This game instantly became way more immersive than Arma.
The combat is unforgiving, the movement feels very real, you can feel the weight of your equipment.

Player-base is very interactive and Squad continues to be regularly updated and the re-playability of the game modes are enjoyable, especially the way the capture points are randomly selected on maps so teams cannot rush points if that is selected by the server.
It is a less clunky Arma and has a great community to play with
It is one of the most fantastically paced tactical experiences.
It is a good dose of Arma gameplay and tight-knit teamwork but without ultra-jank and hours of community searching to get it.

In addition, Squad is a game where if you get a squad that works together you will destroy everything and it makes the game a lot more fun with a good Squad leader with Squad members who listen.
This game is for the more tactical gamers, military Veterans, and mature groups of people.


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