Review of Last Oasis

Last Oasis, Nomadic Survival MMO, you can build walking mobile bases to travel to new lands, join up with a clan, fight for territory, scavenge, pirate, and trade to stay alive
Last Oasis offers an innovative vehicle system as well as complex combat and war mechanics, all working at an MMO scale.

The game is beautifully crafted with a interesting lore and storyline and this game has the potential to be the best survival game of the decade.
You are a desert nomad traversing and collecting resources, surviving day by day.
You build walkers to move between oases and combat other groups of people.

Traverse great environs and discover technologies.
Pirate, loot, trade or do what you will to thrive.
Giant walker machines are your main mode of travel and base of operations.
Huge Giant Walkers – Fun to drive, enough different ones to fit different play styles.
Survival Mechanics – Good mix of being important but not overwhelming.
Solo, small group, large clan play style viable.
Graphics – Looks great, everything in the environment is cohesive.
PvP – Small skirmishes to large scale battles will offer a different feel for each.
Portable Bases – Pending on the size of your walker, you can pack up your base on it and carry it to your next spot.
pvp is amazing
walkers are really fun and unique
offline protection
server/oasis travelling is a great feature and works well
progression system is very rewarding

The large clans are rather friendly to solos and smaller groups due to the proxy system which was a great installment, personally I have been playing in small group with about 3 members on
The game ran great and the graphics are pretty nice.
They had a huge flop with the servers at launch and even after, there are still some hickups with crashing but its clearly getting better, so no fault there
So as soon as private servers are open we will 100% be grabbing one and exploring the rest of the game.

The main issue now is solo or duo players or even small clans being swarmed by larger clans and griefed as they cannot outrun them.
Every battle was no longer a fight, it was just a gank, they allied every major clan and power so the only people we could attack were solos and smaller bands, who weren’t worth fighting because the other big clans had robbed, hulled and stripped them of all their weapons and resources.
Lag and FPS drops where the game suffers huge FPS drops during massive battles or especially when packed bases are involved.
The game degenerates into massive lagfests that downgrades the game to a massive M1 spam.
Here, the combat does not work anymore and one begins to understand why zerg clans can only and will always only spam M1 and pray it hits.

Static Defenses where AI static defenses is here when zerging already exists.
Big clans are able to spam them and they do not even need to be manned.
Not to mention they are a pain to remove.
Yes, there are counters to that but it feels very unnatural and the game shouldn’t resort to those to tackle them.
For example, Rupu Slingers should not be treated as a building and people should be required to capture a rupu before being able to build them.
At the moment, these are easily spammable and are very dumb in design that requires even equally-gamey counters.

Being a small pvp pirate group was fun, living under the thumb of the clan and the constant threat of wipe and ganking the moment you disobey the clan leaders right

Interesting tech tree that makes you wonder what else there is to be built, with a system in place that makes you feel like you’re actually accomplishing something when you salvage those fragments and unlock the next bit.
Awesome looking graphics and designs for the ships.
So far, the best thing I’ve loved to look at are the walker things in this game.
They make you feel like you’re sailing over the dunes, a ship without water sailing to and fro for whatever purpose.
And I’ve only unlocked 2 ships.
I’m ecstatic to see what other monstrosities exist.

Simple gameplay
It’s nice
The combat system is shows this the best.
Three ways to attack, three ways to block.
The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t feel like there’s a ton of skill needed if you gang up on someone.
It’s extremely difficult to fight multiple opponents, and even more so if you’re fighting someone spamming the left mouse.
That’s usually how I go down.
I’m not good at this game, and I’ve been defeated in every PvP situation thanks to my inability to respond fast enough to a relentless flurry of strikes.
I’m sure I just need to get better.

Exploration is actually fun
Though it’s a pain sometimes with how unathletic your character feels, the grappling hook in this game allows for a lot of mobility and room for exploration.
If feels awesome swinging around like Spider-Man, though it will take a minute to get used to the controls and feel.

The world’s massive
Hopefully, this means the players getting griefed will eventually be able to find refuge in the corners of the world/map.
It’s got that vibe form any good exploration game where walking around with your ship makes you feel like you’re an explorer on the high seas

Final perk
Your base is completely transportable.
Move from one place to the next with ease.
It take a minute or two to deploy/redeploy, but you don’t have to worry about building a crafting station just to leave it behind if you can’t fit it on your ship.
Pack it away, and set off.
It’s not really viable for quick getaways, so don’t rely on it if your trying to get away from being raided by pirates.
Just something to keep in mind if you’re hauling around a massive base. Base building has also been pretty easy so far.
Another plus.

So, this game is worth the buy, especially when you have had more enjoyment out of this than some $60 purchases.


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